Free therapy for people affected by the situation in Ukraine

Українську версію тексту можна знайти тут

Do you need psychological help because of the current situation in Ukraine and you cannot afford it? Don't be afraid to ask for free therapy as part of the #keepyourheadabovewater fundraiser.

Are you a therapist and want to help within #headabovewater?

Write to us at

Who can take advantage of free therapy?

People living in the Czech Republic with relatives in Ukraine

Ukrainians in and even outside of the Czech Republic via online therapy

Volunteers providing humanitarian aid in the current situation

Take advantage of therapy and gain the strength to maintain #headabovewater.

Are you a company and want to support your Ukrainian employees in the current overwhelming situation? Show more.

Donate to the fundraiser and help the most at risk to #keeptheadabovewater.

Are you one of these people and would like to take advantage of these sponsored therapies?

At the moment, admission to the #hlavunadvodou program is suspended. You can sign up for the waitlist, as soon as there is enough funding in the program again and we resume accepting clients, we will contact you by email.

This information is important if you want a face-to-face meeting with a therapist. If you prefer online therapy, you do not need to fill in this information.
Please briefly describe your situation for assessing whether the fundraiser applies to you. Please also indicate what problems you would like to address so that we can recommend suitable therapists for you

By sending the form you declare that you meet the conditions of the #keepheadabovewater fundraiser and are eligible for free therapy.